The Working Boat’s Chicken Jambalaya Recipe

The Working Boat’s Chicken Jambalaya Recipe

As we enter the summer season, our team at The Working Boat are always looking for fresh new recipes to wow you with. The brand new chicken jambalaya recipe is a dish that will certainly spice things up! Already proving to be extremely popular amongst customers since our re-opening, we share our recipe for you to try at home…


  • Four chicken breasts – or chicken thighs would also be great (score on a chargrill or BBQ if possible)
  • 250g basmati rice
  • One onion (diced)
  • One red pepper (diced)
  • One green pepper (diced)
  • Two or three cloves of garlic (smashed and diced)
  • 150g chorizo (skinned and diced)
  • 250g chopped fresh tomato
  • 30-40g cajun spice
  • ½ litre of chicken stock
  • One kitchen spoon of sriracha sauce
  • Two teaspoons of dried oregano
  • Fresh parsley – stalk and leaves separated (stalks chopped / leaves chopped)
  • Pomace oil
  • Fresh lime for finishing



  • Sauté the chorizo, onions and peppers
  • Add the garlic, dried herbs, cajun spices, sriracha and parsley stalks
  • Next add the rice – stir in well, coating the grains with sauces, then add the chicken stock and simmer for 10 – 12 minutes
  • After scoring the chicken, sprinkle with a little cajun spice
  • Pop in the oven at 180 for approximately 15 – 20 minutes or finish on the BBQ. Check your chicken is cooked before serving – if you are unsure, turn the chicken over and cut into the meat, cutting half way through. Make sure to check the chicken is piping hot. If it needs more time, pop it back into the oven
  • Taste the rice – it should be a little ‘nutty’ in texture. Feel free to add more seasoning if you feel it is required
  • Add your chopped parsley and mix
  • Serve the rice on plates or in bowls, or it makes a great sharing platter
  • Top with the chicken and sprinkle a little more parsley
  • Finish with a wedge of fresh lime – enjoy!

Recommendation from Executive Chef Nick Hodges:

If you enjoy spicier dishes, don’t be afraid to add more touches of chilli or cayenne pepper for that added flavour.


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