Falmouth Sea Shanty Festival

Falmouth Sea Shanty Festival

Once again Falmouth Sea Shanty Festival went ahead without a hitch, with The Working Boat an official venue and headline sponsor. From avid sea shanty fans to Falmouth foodies, Cornish beer and a buzzing atmosphere were in full flow, and we can’t wait to start planning for next year…

About The Sea Shanty Festival

Falmouth is steeped in nautical heritage and sea shanties are a significant part of Cornish culture and identity. Groups travel from all corners of the world to be a part of one of the biggest maritime concerts in Europe. Our pretty seaside town transforms into a hub of festivities and song, with everyone in high spirits.

Throughout the weekend The Working Boat served delicious dirty fries piled with toppings (think crispy squid, hickory pulled pork, truffle and parmesan) to line the stomach before getting in on the action, washed down with our selection of refreshing Cornish beers from the bar whilst toes tapped s along to the shanty singers.

What’s more, on the Sunday our famous roast was served as usual, with the hustle and bustle of the festival going on outside.


Stay tuned for our 2025 updates.