Sunday Allergen Menu

The Working Boat’s Allergen Statement

Please speak to your server before placing your order, if you suffer from any food intolerance or allergy.

Please notify us

We take the presence of allergies and intolerances seriously. Allergen information is provided for our ingredients and dishes, but we ask you to advise us of any allergies or intolerances before you order.

Whilst we have identified the allergens that are in the dishes, please be aware that there may be traces of allergens in the dish due to manufacturing or cooking methods.

Deep fat frying

Deep fat frying is an important cooking process in our kitchen; the ingredients within dishes which are deep fried will be cooked in the same fryer as other ingredients which may contain allergens and therefore there will be a risk of cross contamination.

Changing menus

Our chefs are always keen to create new dishes and introduce seasonal specialities. Please check allergen information each time you visit as changes to recipes are made.

Our kitchens

Whilst we make every effort to minimise cross contamination, please be aware that our dishes are made and prepared in an environment where allergen are present.

Genetically modified foods

The policy of this company is that it does not knowingly sell any foods that contain Genetically Modified Organisms (gmos).

The only exception to this may be cooking oil for deep fat frying. As standard we use a non-GMO rapeseed oil. Due to global pressures, at times, our supplier may need to use vegetable oil, this product cannot be guaranteed as non-GMO.

Please speak to us

On rare occasions, we may feel we will struggle to safely accommodate your needs, we will do every we can to or offer you a suitable replacement.

Please see the full allergen menu here.